We are a team of computational biologists and data scientists at the Children's Cancer Research Institute (CCRI).

Our research combines high-throughput "multi-omics" analysis of clinical samples with computational, statistical, and machine learning methods to dissect the molecular framework of pediatric cancers. We aim to:

  • Discover molecular features of aberrant cells and disease states that serve as biomarkers for better diagnosis, prognosis, and patient stratification
  • Identify regulators and pathways involved in disease development and progression that may be targeted with inhibitors to inspire better treatment
  • Boost effective use and re-use of multi-omics technologies and data resources by developing intuitive and assisted analysis tools powered by A.I.

Do you have the know-how, creativity, and passion to join the quest? We're hiring!

Recent Highlights

Intra-tumor plasticity

Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) is an enigmatic neoplasm with highly variable clinical presentation and severity. Our new study together with CeMM charts molecular heterogeneity in LCH at single-cell resolution and unravels an unexpected hierarchy.

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Finding enhancers

Enhancers are genetic elements that regulate gene expression. Our recent study in collaboration with researchers from Edinburgh and Rotterdam used a genome-wide assay to explore enhancer activity in human ESCs.

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Kinases & blood

Cellular development is shaped by the enzymatic activity of kinases. Two of our recent contributions implicate MAPK in blood stem cell activation, and JAK and Aurora kinases in mutant immune cells -- with impacts on the transcriptome and epigenome.

MEKi & HSCs STAT5 Neoplasia